FMC Ukraine


Fmc ukraine Laboratory

Feather & Down
Laboratory No. 1
in Ukraine

Testing of raw and washed feather and down material,
down-feather blends and finished products.
The only certified full-cycle laboratory in Ukraine.

European Government Award
for participation in the development of the Common European Standards.

A member of the European Down and Feather Association since 2003.

Down fill testing

Goose down and duck down. All kinds of down blends. Down fill products and bulk down. Washed down and raw materials. New down and used down.

Testing of finished products

Compliance with labeling standards.
Filler weight and composition, product dimensions. Moisture resistance and washing resistance.

Textile testing

Qualitative characteristics of the fabric.
From Thread Count to Down-proof test.

Our Certificates

Ukrainian Standards Department certification
NO: ПЧ 07-0/1364-2015

Canada Upholstered and Stuffed Articles
RN: 02T-02819318

USA Sterilization Permit Certificate

USA Licence Certificate
RN: PA-41409(UA)
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