FMC Ukraine

Pure Down Production

Feather & Down Facilities

Down and Feather Factory

German premium equipment.
All processes are under laboratory control.
Professional crew and huge amount of knowledge.

We produce the best White Goose Down in the industry!

Super precise
Very delicate

Machines for sorting Feather and Down. They can even make 100% Down according to the European standard EN 12934.
In the air stream, the down is separated from the feathers

Laundry clean
Crystal clean

Automatic machines for washing, drying and de-dusting down.
The best cleanliness performance in the industry. Proven by tests.

Six processes in down cleaning

How we produce Pure Down for down jackets,
pillows and duvets.
1. Rough and fine dust cleaning
The first stage of cleaning raw material from dirt and dust on centrifugal machines.
2. Pre-sorting
Separation of the keel and very large feathers from the down-feather blend.
3. Washing
One pre-wash and two main washes in warm water with 5 to 11 rinses.
4. Drying
Long-time drying and steam sterilization at 135ºC.
5. Cooling and dust cleaning
Cooling the feather after drying. Fine cleaning of finely dispersed dust.
6. Sorting
Separation of down from feather on giant sorting machines.
Always surprise you
White Goose Down is the best in the industry.
The laboratory is our pearl.
Pure Down
For down-fill products
Fill/Fabrics testing