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Diligence and curiosity create achievements.
Expertise, multiplied by time, brings awards.

We learned from the best masters

How to wash Down and Feather – in Japan.
Thanks to Mr. Kazunari Kawada.

How to test the Down – in Germany.
Thank you to EDFA director Dr.Juliane Hedderich and
Zeller+Gmellin Co.

How to sort the Down – in Italy.
Thanks to Minardi Piume Co.

How to set up equipment – in Switzerland
Thanks to Mr. Hermann Pfrommer.

The only one in Ukraine certified
a full-cycle lab to test down and feather.
Ukrainian Standards Department certification
NO: ПЧ 07-0/1364-2015
Canada Upholstered and Stuffed Articles
RN: 02T-02819318
USA Sterilization Permit Certificate
USA Licence Certificate
RN: PA-41409(UA)

Round-robin Tests
We regularly participate in round-robin tests organized by EDFA for knowledge and competent application of European standards for down and feather.

Diplome d'Honneur
Awarded by the European Government for contributing to the development of Common European Standards.

Courses for laboratory staff in Germany
Graduated from the world's best manufacturer of laundry and treatment products for down. A training program for testing down and feather materials according to the European standards.

Sterilization Permit Certificate
We passed a strict IDFL inspection and obtained a Sterilization Certificate that allows us to sell our products in the USA.

Natalya Kovaleva
Head of the Lab. PhD.
Natalia is an expert in down and feather testing. She studied Japanese standards at Kawada Feather factory (Japan).
Worked and trained at leading factories in Italy, Germany and China. Participated in development of the unified European standards.

Hobby – language study and cycling tourism.
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and knowledge with you.
Modern Classic
White Goose down is the Best in the industry.
The Laboratory is our pearl.
Pure Down
For down-fill products
Tests and analysis