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Natural Down


Natural Down.
Our Superior Standard.

Perfect insulator created by Mother Nature.
Incredibly light, resilient and breathable.

Natural Down

A universal hypoallergenic filler.
Perfectly balanced cleanliness and firmness.
Certificate of sterilization
USA PA-9970(UA)

over 500 mm
Turbidity number
less than 4,8
Oxygen level
0,6 % -1,2%
Oil and fat content
over 700 FP
Fill Power
Weightless, lush and airy.

Excellent thermal insulator.

Natural ability to "breathe" and
to get rid of moisture quickly.

Pleasant warmth without the night sweats.

When the balance is important

Natural down is a universal filler for:
  • Down clothing of all classes and segments
  • Sleep and rest products
  • Premium furniture

Select your own blend of Natural Down

White or gray down? Goose down or duck down?
Percentage of down clusters? Fill Power?
Everything will depend on your tasks and wishes.
Any questions?
We are happy to share our experience
and knowledge with you.
Different tasks – Different solutions
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