FMC Ukraine

New Generation
of Pure Down

Perfect Filler for Puffer Coats,
Pillows and Comforters.

Warmth without weight

Like a Cloud

Premium Quality Goose Down and Duck Down.
Revolutionary Cleaning and Treatment Methods.
For Fashionable Down Jackets, Soft Pillows, and Warm Duvets.

Pure Goose & Duck Down

Three lines of hypoallergenic down.
Certificate of sterilization
USA PA 9970(UA)
natural down | like a cloud
Natural Down
Perfect thermo-insulation. Incredibly light, resilient and breathable.
Our superior standard for down filler.
super-clean down | like a cloud
Super-Clean Down
100% cleaner than the strictest industrial cleanliness standards. For the most demanding tasks.
water-resistant down | like a cloud
Hydrophobic Down
Thanks to the waterproof nano-coating, it stays dry 33 times longer, than ordinary down filler.

Natural Down

Super-Clean Down

Hydrophobic Down

Perfection is always in the details
Awards & Achievements
Tests & Analysis
Dreams Factory
For a comfortable sleep
Feather Factory
High-quality down filler
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