FMC Ukraine

Super-Clean Down

New generation of pure DOWN

Super-Clean Down.
For Sensitive Tasks.

Twice cleaner than the strictest cleanliness standard:
the Japanese JIS L 1903.

Super-Clean Down

Turbidity number above 1000 mm.
The cleanliness indexes defining hypoallergenic properties of down are 100% improved.
Certificate of sterilization
USA PA-9970(UA)

2 washings
In warm water, using the world's best laundry products for feather and down.
9 rinses
To achieve high levels of turbidity number and low oxygen levels in cleanliness tests.
135º С
The temperature of the steam that dries the down. Let's say no to bacterias, fungis and dust mites.
4 hours
Duration of one cleaning cycle. Precise and long process, but the result exceeds expectations.
Industry-leading cleanliness.

Light but effective insulator.

Compresses well and quickly restores the original volume.

Reliable for years.

The cleanest down
for the most demanding ones

Super-Clean Down is a great filler for:
  • Pillows and duvets for Luxury segment.
  • Clothes and bedding for children's brands.
  • Down-clothing for Outdoor and Casual segments.

Select your own blend of Super-Clean Down

White or gray down? Goose down or duck down?
Percentage of down clusters? Fill Power?
Everything will depend on your tasks and wishes.
Any questions?
We are happy to share our experience
and knowledge with you.
Different tasks – Different solutions
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