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Bulk down and feather material analysis.
Down filled products and textile testing.

Laboratory tests

Main types of analysis
Quality Composition
Determination of: bird species, down and feather quantity, down and feather fibre, residue amount.
Tests for turbidity, oxygen, fat and oil content, microbiology.
Fill Power
Fill Power is the main indicator of the quality of down, affecting its price.
Correct labelling of down products, according to national standards.
DWR Test
Test for hydrophobicity of down (moisture resistance), drying speed, resistance to washing.
More tests
Tests for smell, dark spots, down cluster size, moisture content, pH.

Our knowledge

We conduct our analyses according to these standards:
  • EN (Europe)
  • IDFB (International)
  • USA 2000
  • VSB (Switzerland)
  • JIS (Japan)
  • Canada
  • K (Korea)
  • GB (China)

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