FMC Ukraine

Elixir for
a Good Night's Sleep

sewing Facilities

Sweet Dreams Factory

High precision equipment.
Perfectly tuned processes.
Skilful and professional people.

We create beautiful products for sleep and rest.

Correct up to a gram

Smart equipment for filling pillows and duvets
with down.

Stitch to stitch

Sewing machines with direct drive.
Perfect stitching quality without shrinking the fabric.
Sewing facilities

For a comfortable sleep

Warm and weightless down duvets.
Soft as a cloud, fluffy pillows.
Bed linen made of natural fabrics.

Services for sewing

Down duvets, pillows and bed linen.
Private Label
For those who are in search of a reliable and competent manufacturer of sleeping products for their brand.
For Premium Hotels.
All world standards and sizes.
Yachts and Jets
Lightweight yet warm sleep accessories. Maximum comfort and hygiene when traveling.

Any questions?
We are happy to help and share
our experience with you.
We have a lot to be proud of
The laboratory is our Pearl.
Feather and Down Factory is technological excellence.
Test and Analysis
Down & Feather
Best down in the industry